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(halfbiker) 3 months ago
Assembly: Pretty forward but those springs are quite annoying to assemble. The first time: It's pretty easy to get going. In a few minutes you're up and away, slight turns included. Riding: It's way more intense than I thought. It's a balancing act between pedaling, keeping the right posture, relaxing your arms, holding the handlebars etc. All when dealing with traffic, potholes and uneven streets. This is the real learning curve. Plus, it's a bigger workout than riding a bike. If you are like me, someone with not the best stamina, you need to remember it's not a regular bike. You're not going to do the same distances in the beginning. That being said, riding this thing is fun. And great on my lumbago. After a day sitting in an uncomfortable chair, a ride with this contraption helps removing the pain and tightness. The less good parts: It's unstable. It's unstable when you ride it so a small pothole or uneven part in the road can really throw you over. Whereas a regular bike has less of an issue. It's also unstable when you are not riding it. You can't leave it alone unless the ground is perfectly flat and there's no wind. I had my halfbike fall over half a dozen times just because I let it go for a second. A kickstand of sorts would probably help. Tl;DNR: It's awesome, it's fun but it isn't perfect.
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