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(halfbiker) 1 year ago
I have received a replacement for a broken crank arm for my halfbike 3. I would like to know if the crank arm is self-extracting or if I will need a crank arm puller tool. Thanks
1 year ago
The crankarm is self extracting indeed. So the only tools that you will need are a couple of hex keys - 8mm and 10mm. Please refer to the tutorial below for more info: Removal of the left crank arm Use a 8mm hex key to unscrew the bolt that holds the crankarm in place as shown in the image below (image 1). Note that it will require a lot of force to come loose as we use thread-lock for extra safety. An impact driver can be used for the job as well. As the screw comes out, it will push against a black metal nut that drivces the crankarm out. 200422 50608 crank image 1 Installing the new crank arm Hold the crankarm in place and screw the 8mm bolt (image 2,3 & 4). Please use threadlock to secure it in place. And by all means do try to tighten it as much as possible. It's a good idea to use an impact driver to ensure that the bolt is tightened well. Now put the black nut (cap) and secure it with a 10mm key (image 5). There's no need to overtighten as with the bolt. Just a firm fit. 200422 50666 crankimage 2 200422 50653 crankimage 3 200422 50634 crankimage 4 200422 50608 crankimage 5
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