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(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Not much to say : great idea, excellent materials, very good design ! I use my HALFBIKE 3 mostly to commute from home to work everywhere in France. It means I put it in my car from home to the railway station, fold it just before going in the train, then ride it when arrived in a new town. It's easy, convenient and very fun. I used a foldable bike before. The HALFBIKE is lighter, easier to place in the train (or in the car trunk), and the good point is I can keep it with me when entering a store, for example. No need to leave it outside. A few things could be improved : even with optionnal fenders, your ride can become a bit wet when the weather is bad. Folding requires to struggle a bit with the 2 lower levers, more than I had to to with a foldable bike for example. These are details anyway. I would buy it again without hesitation !
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