(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I haven't had my half bike long, a few weeks, but I love it ! It is great fun, it doesn't take long to ride in a straight line (my advice is watch all the videos you can - they really help) - it's going round corners that takes some time to master - I still am finding myself over doing the corner :) I even have managed to get my teenage daughter on the bike and riding very quickly. I love that I don't need to get changed into any special kit or shoes like I do for my road bike. The half bike is portable and light and very well constructed. I have made a conscious decision that if I need to run out for anything and it is within a few Miles/Kilometres that I will not ride in the car, but take my half bike. I live on the South Coast of the UK and have ridden the local promenades and towns in my area and had lots of looks and even more people stop me and want to know more - even one guy stop me whilst shopping one evening in a local store, asking me questions and asked for try :) I have had an issue as well and regrettably, however the half bike team were supportive and responsiveness and everything was sorted and I was on my way once again. I plan to take my half bike with me anywhere and everywhere (even abroad) and ride every possible place I am able. I would recommend buying one of these super bikes, as along as you keep calm and learn in short sessions you will be fine. If you see my race around the Hampshire, UK area on a half bike and you want a try, just shout and hopefully I will hear you and stop whilst having fun and practicing on my cornering :) Have fun on your half bike !!! And Half Bike Team - thank you for this superb machine - I wish I had purchased one sooner.
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Thanks for the awesome feedback Mark :) We always try our best and your feedback is a great motivation for the whole team.
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