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(halfbiker) 1 year ago
I use the halfbike for endurance exercises (90min rides with some hills) and commutes. Initially I bought it, because I wanted to learn a new skill. However it was much less of a challenge, than I thought it would be. Some reviews suggested, that it's hard to learn. I'm 52 years old and learned it within three days. About the bike itself: - It's heavier than I expected - I bought it with the medium terrain option. that was a clear mistake. I strongly recommend the very hilly setup. (unless you life in a perfect flat world). Changing the sprocket in retrospect was quite a challenge. Anyway, this thing is not a good choice for a hilly terrain. - I consider the handlebar too narrow. I assume it's so narrow to keep the bike compact and avoid too much torsion. But it's just not ergonomic. You have to be very careful, that your shoulders don't fall forward. I constantly have to remind myself to keep an open chest. That's especially challenging for people with wider shoulders. I would suggest to make a wider handlebar an option. - After a while, I had asymmetric springs, which tilt the bike slightly. I'm not sure, if that's normal. Probably a quality issue. I recommend to purchase a second pair of springs with the initial purchase anyway. + the gear-hub works pretty well. + braking works well, even at higher speeds downhill + overall build quality is pretty good So, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Despite of the above: I ride this thing regularly and enjoy it. It's an integral part of my workout routine now. I ride it in the rain, when the skateboard has to stay at home. After some training you can use it for city commutes, provided, that the traffic is kind of civilized. However you will never feel the same kind of control as on a normal bike. I look forward to version 6.
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