Warranty period
Kolelinia will take responsibility for the correct functioning of the Halfbikes sold and will offer free warranty service or replacement in the event of a warranty defect for two years, considered from the date of purchase. Warranty defects are considered all malfunctions, that occur because of defects of materials, manufacturing or assembly errors.

*In case of non warranty problems with a Halfbike, within the warranty period the customer has the option to purchase replacement components at 75% of the original price.

Warranty terms
The warranty is considered void if any of the equipment has been abused or otherwise used outside of it’s intended application, specified by the manufacturer.
Riding a Halfbike is a potentially dangerous sport and we recommend the use of personal protective gear including a helmet. Kolelinia will not take responsibility for whatever damage or injuries, sustained during the use of the Halfbike.

The warranty is valid in the following conditions

The warranty does not cover

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