30 days trial
30-Day Home Trial
Explore Halfbike On Your Terms
There’s nothing else quite like Halfbike and we hope you will come to love it too! Take 30 days to dive into this new adventure, worry-free*. Get to know its nature in the comfort and setting of your home. See if it fits your specific lifestyle and riding conditions. If it isn’t a great match, you can just send it back**.
Make The Most of Your First 30 Days
Don’t rush it, take your time with it. Taming your Halfbike is a long process that will surely require some practice and perseverance. And while there are no shortcuts to it, we have a few tips that can get you off to a solid start. Have a look at them here. If you don’t complete some of these steps in one go – don’t worry, you can always come back as you get more confident on the bike. Take the time-out to gather some additional know-how from fellow Halfbikers. Maybe even check our ambassador map for local volunteers in your area. Learning in the company of experienced riders makes things easier and way more enjoyable. And remember – you’ve got this! Just have fun and trust the process.
Let Us Help You
If you have any questions or need guidance, drop us a line; we are always happy to help. Should you need additional info about Halfbike 30-day trial, please explore our return policy. * Your 30-Day Trial starts the day your Halfbike is delivered. Make sure to keep the original packaging, including the box and all the supporting cardboard cutouts. You are responsible for covering the return shipping cost. The 30-day trial option applies to new Halfbikes only. ** All items are subject to inspection. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee if the Halfbike is not returned in like-new condition. We'll issue a full refund, less any outbound shipping charges or a restocking fee. For further information, please read our return policy.