Riding a Halfbike is unlike anything you have tried before. It’s a whole new skill that you have to learn from scratch, it takes time and practice so don’t expect to master it overnight. Over the past few years, after many test rides and observations, we learnt that there is no shortcut from beginner to pro when it comes to a Halfbike. It took us a while to find out that there’s a pattern most people follow while learning. The graphic below illustrates the main phases people usually go through.


If you have a box full of Halfbike in your hands, get ready for the next step. We highly recommend watching the video below in advance. It will help you put all pieces together in the easiest way and assemble your Halfbike properly. Use the video as a guideline and follow the steps in the assembly manual that you'll find in the box (also available here )


You should now have a Halfbike standing by your side. Take a moment and try to remember what it felt like the first time you rode a bicycle and all the excitement from trying something new. Ride safe and always use personal protective equipment including a helmet. And most importantly, enjoy your new Halfbike :) We recommend that you find an empty open space with a smooth pavement. Having a little patience and determination will surely help as well. Learning to ride a Halfbike from scratch takes time and practice so don’t expect to just pop on and cruise away. Imagine learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. Most people are able to get the basics and ride in a straight line in under 10-15 minutes. All starts with feeling the ride and finding your balance. From then on riding will gradually start to feel less of a struggle and more fun. Have in mind that it’s more challenging than it may seem from the videos. However, it only takes a few days of practice for most people to be able to ride with such an ease. The two wheels at the rear make steering possible but don’t provide extra stability. The moment that you step on either pedal the bike will start leaning to the same direction and you have to counteract using your body weight and handlebar. Push off with one leg to get up to some speed. It’s significantly easier to balance when moving faster compared to when you’re still. Your first goal is to ride in a straight line, so don’t try to turn at the beginning. It’s not as easy as it may seem. Try to relax and find your balance. The handlebar will help you balance but keep in mind that it takes very little effort to do so. Be gentle with it! Your arms need to be totally relaxed. Putting too much force on the handlebar won’t improve your balance and usually means you’re doing it wrong. Turning the Halfbike works by shifting your weight to either direction. A gentle push on the handlebar is all that it takes to start moving in the desired direction. Don’t try to turn or twist the handlebar either as this won’t help you steer unlike on a bicycle. Always move the handlebar sideways instead. If you feel like you are losing your balance, just let go of the Halfbike and try to step to the side. You’ll probably find jumping off quite easy and intuitive, as if you are just continuing to walk or run. Attempting to remain on the Halfbike until the last moment rather than just jumping off may result in a fall. Be cautious for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Learning takes time and practice. Be patient and don’t get disappointed if you don’t master it overnight. Riding safely should always come first.


Keep the tires well inflated. This will make riding your Halfbike both easier and more еnjoyable. Keep the chain clean and well lubricated just as you would do on a bicycle. The same applies to all other moving parts. Some basic cleaning will increase their lifetime. Check weekly to assure that all nuts and bolts on the Halfbike are securely fastened. That includes the ones on the truck and handlebar as well. We made sure the plywood handlebar will do its job, rain or shine. However, wood is still an organic material. In order to enjoy your Halfbike as long as possible we advise you to take good care of it.


If you need any assistance with your Halfbike please send us an email to support@halfbikes.com and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible. Don't be shy, say Hi :). You can find additional info, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions in our support portal. SUPPORT PORTAL