Riding a Halfbike is a whole new experience, and we believe the best part of it is sharing the emotion it brings with others. So, if you happen to share our passion and excitement, join us in our mission to inspire more people to be out and active in a fun way. We’d be happy to have you on board as a Halfbike ambassador. The Halfbike project has come a long way, and today thousands of people all over the world ride outside the box. We know that finding a fellow halfbiker might be a real treasure, and we’d love to help this happen. On the other side, many are curious to try a Halfbike and discover what it truly is, so we want to give them a chance to test ride one locally and learn the basics from a devoted halfbiker.


Here is more or less what we imagine a Halfbike ambassador could be engaged with: * Spread the word about Halfbike in town; * Help build local Halfbike communities; * Find and connect with other keen halfbikers around, ride together, and share knowledge and experience; * Arrange individual test rides according to her/his availability and if keen to - help us set up, organize and execute local events. Create a fun and positive atmosphere and experience; * Enjoy the ride, have fun and stay positive :) NB We’re always open to any kind of suggestions you might have, be it about the program itself or any kind of side initiatives you’d like to try out. Just drop us a line, and we’ll do our best to help out.


Basically, there are two main ways to spread the word: Good old offline You probably know from experience that the Halfbike is a real conversation starter, so meeting new people who’d like to know more about it would be easy. As an ambassador, you could introduce the Halfbike to people who show interest - demonstrate how it works, let them try it or just have a chat. Whatever you feel adequate for the situation. Be sure to give your unique promo code to everyone keen to join the Halfbike adventure. Online Each ambassador will have access to a set of online tools that will help her/him connect with other halfbikers and people who want to try it. The whole idea behind the online tools is to allow you to ultimately spend more time out, enjoy your Halfbike and do so in good company :) Locator We’ve created a locator for our website where each Halfbike ambassador can pin her/his playground on an interactive map and see if there are other pinned halfbikers nearby. The map is public, and each ambassador has a dedicated profile page. Everyone interested in the Halfbike could contact the ambassador nearest to them and ask for a test ride. Currently, the locator has a built-in messaging system that allows ambassadors, halfbikers, and website users to send messages to each other. Everyone’s contact details are hidden, and you’ll only exchange email, phone number or other personal info with the other person if you like to. * Note that the messaging might change in the future as we are looking for a more direct way for communication (the current system is a bit clumsy). Forum The Halfbike forum is still young, but to us, it is the best place where everyone interested in the Halfbike could share a thought or ask a question. Naturally, we hope that our ambassadors will be a vital part of it. Facebook Ambassador Group We created a closed Facebook group, and only ambassadors have access to it. It is a great place to connect with each other, share some know-how or any Halfbike thoughts, or ask for any advice/support from fellow ambassadors. We will also keep you up to date with all the exciting things about the Halfbike.


Each Halfbike Ambassador has a unique promo code which gives €50/$50 (Europe/Rest of the World) discount for each Halfbike order placed on our website. For each Halfbike, bought with your code, you will receive €50/$50. Once your application has been approved, and after logging into the Halfbike community, you'll have access to your Ambassador dashboard. There you will be able to see your promo code, customize your ambassador page, add a photo, your Halfbike story and a short intro. According to your availability, you can switch your pin on and off or relocate it, if necessary.

Sharing Your Code

You can give your promo code to anyone interested in the Halfbike, regardless of whether you let her/him try the Halfbike or you just had a chat. You can share your code with as many people as you like.

Referral Confirmation

When an order with your promo code is placed, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of their purchase. You may also see this activity in your dashboard along with all pending and completed commission payments.

Program Details

* €50/$50 commission for each Halfbike bought with a promo code; * €50/$50 discount on each Halfbike order (the code is valid only for orders containing a Halfbike); * Commissions are paid via PayPal.
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