Warranty period Kolelinia will take responsibility for the correct functioning of your Halfbike and will offer free warranty service or replacement in the event of a warranty defect for one year considered from the date of purchase. Warranty defects are considered all malfunctions that occur because of defects of materials, manufacturing or assembly errors. Warranty terms The warranty is considered void if any of the equipment has been abused or otherwise used outside of its intended application specified by the manufacturer. Riding a Halfbike is a potentially dangerous sport, and we recommend the use of personal protective gear, including a helmet. Kolelinia will not take responsibility for whatever damage or injuries sustained during the use of the Halfbike. • Repairs related to normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Warranty services on Halfbikes are provided only in authorized repair shops by qualified mechanics. (Halfbike stores and service areas of authorized dealers from which the bike has been purchased); • Any modifications, replacements of components, and additional options not approved by the manufacturer or authorized dealer will not be subject to a warranty; • The warranty applies only to the first owner of the bike and cannot be transferred to another person; • The warranty covers any material and manufacturing defects for any of the components or any issues related to the quality of their assembly; • Halfbikes reach customers via a network of authorized dealers. Only bikes purchased from authorized dealers or halfbikes.com have the right to warranty services; • The rider's weight is limited to 100 kg / 225 lbs; • The rider's height is limited to 200 cm / 6’7”. The warranty is valid in the following conditions • The Halfbike must be presented to the dealer fully assembled with its original components intact; • The owner provides proof of purchase to the authorized dealer of Halfbike, thereby verifying the date of purchase and ownership of the bike; • The Halfbike has been serviced properly and regularly; • The Halfbike has not been modified. The warranty does not cover • Maintenance; • Normal wear and tear of the components (tires, tubes, chain, etc.); • Inappropriate transportation; • Faults due to improper usage of the Halfbike, neglect, and crash damage as well as used by a person exceeding the maximum weight or height; • Faults due to misuse or abusive riding. In those cases, the owner takes full responsibility for any damage and injury. If you received a damaged item, please reach out to our Customer Support team at hello@halfbikes.com, and they will help resolve the issue.