Here’s a brief intro to who we are and what drives us, apart from the Halfbike. Martin & Mihail are architects and true partners in crime who share a vision for a better world and truly believe less is more. They stay guided by their passion for the outdoors and core belief that we, humans, are born to move. So, when everything becomes too complicated, we need to push hard on that reset button and get our personal time offline. Driven mostly by our curiosity about alternative transport systems we had a wild idea to create a new vehicle from scratch, using left-over bicycle parts that dusted in the attic for ages. But what started from a toy to play around with, evolved into a real product. Ever since the very first prototypes we felt the Halfbike idea was revolutionary. But an idea is worth nothing until brought to life, right? What looked like a real product back in 2014 greatly evolved during the last five years. Only with the support from our first backers did we manage to start this adventure and learn the craft of making bicycles. Today, thousands of people in 90 countries ride the Halfbike and keep on sending ideas and recommendations, urging us to improve. We grow together. Packed with all the feedback we received and with our personal experience, we went back to the drawing board one more time. We’re excited to say that the Halfbike is now complete and that the user experience has finally been perfected. So now, it is as good as it was in our wildest dreams. :) Through the years and along with the Halfbike, our team grew steadily. We believe that hacking the well established order, with small but confident steps, can make our future brighter. We believe in local manufacturing - it is our way of keeping our business fair and sustainable. That’s why each Halfbike is handmade in our workshop in Europe. But there is more. We chose to work only with direct customers. This helps us grow together and the feedback from our clients keeps us up-to-date and on track. Kickstarter taught us an important lesson, one we always get back to. “Listen!”. We are devoted to keeping this direct communication and it truly means a lot to us. The synergy flows both ways. The result is the best Halfbike possible, straight from our workshop to your home, without involving any middlemen and the complexity they bring. That simple. P.S. So you got this far? :) There is one more thing we’d love to share with you. Our hectic life and the urging need for a reset were the inspiration for the short movie below. It explains what we believe in and the philosophy that sparked the Halfbike project in the first place. Enjoy it!
Martin Angelov is the inventor of Halfbike and co-founder of Kolelinia. He really believes that half is more.
Co-founder of Kolelinia
Community Manager and the best climber on the team.
Community Manager and Support Ninja at the same time. The best person to speak to if you have any issue regardless if it's Halfbike related or not :)
Community Guardian that also helps keep the whole team in check. Supernatural abilities to spot and resolve potential issues before they even arrise.
Production Manager
Halfbike master builder
Press and Publicity Manager. As an avid snowboarder and skater he helps the news about the Halfbike reach more people and expand the community.
Halfbike master builder
Director of photography and one of the world's best Halfbike freestyle riders.
Halfbike master builder
Support Ninja
Photographer with an inclination to drawing and architecture.
Mitko Markov is the man behind the brand "Balkan Snowboards" he creates the plywooden parts of the Halfbike
Bike expert
Halfbike master builder
Our welder
Halfbike master builder
Halfbike master builder
Our first employee a Halfbike master builder