(halfbiker) 3 years ago
I have an older, one speed version of the Halfbike. Some time ago I commented in a post on the Halfbike page that I was planning to do a 100k ride. They suggested 2 things, 1: that I post my experience here, and 2: since I was already 63 years old, to complete 63 miles instead of 62.14. A couple of days ago (Wednesday) I attempted my self proposed challenge. Here in south Florida it's very hot already so I began at 2:30 AM so I could beat most of the heat. My wife asked me to stay in the neighborhood until daylight so I circled around my community until about 7:15, then came home to recharge, have breakfast, then continue out into the daylight to complete the remaining distance. The second part was tough, mainly because of the heat. Our morning temps are currently averaging in the high 80's with a feels like temp of high 90's. I had water with me, and during the few stops I made I was able to refill. All in all, I enjoyed it, even stopping occasionally to position my phone against something to get some pictures. Although I felt great during the ride, after returning home, showering and resting, the old quads really got sore and still are today (Friday) but they are healing well and I should be back to normal by the end of the weekend. The company also suggested that I ride one more mile every year to celebrate my birthdays. At this time I won't commit to that : ) but meanwhile I am very much enjoying my Halfbike! Here is a link to my stats on Endomondo www.endomondo.com/users/12389157/workouts/1327741386
3 years ago
Hi Tom and thanks for sharing this amazing story! I can say that both myself and the rest of the team are truly impressed with your feat. Even more so when we realized that you've done it with the first model Halfbike. Kudos to your passion and will to make this happen! For the record I don't know of anyone else that have ridden the first Halfbike over such a long distance in a single day. Yet alone to celebrate his 63-rd birthday :)
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Tom, that's amazing! Really cool that you took up this challenge and if you'd like to do 1 more mile for every year to celebrate, I'll join you in that. haha. I'm 49 so next year I could try a 50 mile ride. That should give me enough time to be in shape for it. :)
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Joel, thanks! It would be nice to have a partner the next time I do this, even if you are on opposite ends of the country : ) Hey, doesn't this idea make you want to live to 100!!!
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Wow Tom, you are a role model for me. Thanks for sharing!
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