(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Can I carry my Halfbike with me and are there any special rules for that?
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Bo, You can put it in its original box and carry it as a normal extra luggage, no special rules apply (fares differ from airline to airline). We are also in the process of creating a specialized travel bag for the Halfbike, so be on the lookout for future announcements. :)
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Where can I buy that specialized travel bag for the Halfbike? Is it expensive and can i put 2 Halfbikes in it?
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Mario, You will be able to buy the bag in our shop, similar to other accessories, as soon as we release it. We will definitely announce it officialy as soon as we are ready, so be on the lookout in the near future. The bag is designed to carry only one Halfbike as it will be the most convenient for personal travel - with it you will be able to use the wheels of the Halfbike like the wheels on a suitcase, making it even easier to carry your bike.
3 years ago
Can anyone that has actually flown with his Halfbike recently tell some details? I expect that different companies or airports may have different rules. Does it qualify as an extra luggage (suitcase) or sport equipment? Do I need to deflate the tires or it's OK to drop it off at the desk as it is?
(ambassador) 3 years ago
My halfbike eventually came by a shipping company when I relocated, but I got information about transporting it by airline. Maybe that helps. Before coming to Greece, I called a portuguese airline, TAP, and the halfbike qualified as extra luggage. If I chose to replace my hold baggage with it, it would even be free. They have specific rules for bikes, like taking out the pedals and securing them. But that already happens, if you use the original package and pack it as it came. Different companies have different rules and prices. www.flytap.com/en-st/baggage/hold-baggage www.flytap.com/en-us/baggage/special-baggage
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