hi, I'm Alessio I live in Roma and I'm an Half biker from less than 1 year! Me an my brother in law, Massimo, started to join the half bikes world just for fun.. but now, both, we became super fan of half bike!!! We perform almost daily 35/40 min of hard Half bike and believe me it is a really really hard if you want push yourself in the "fitness mode". In the first weeks (2 actually) we spent a lot of time trying to turn.. it has beena little bit time spending to have a complete perception to be in full control of the half bike.. but after 2 weeks we were good enough to go around the neighborhood and fit ourselves based on what we wanted to achieve.. if you want to have fun and have just movement you do not need to push hard on pedal.. but if you want to train your total body.. believe me you can do it!! just push hard on the pedal and in 30 minutes you will be wet and out of breath as after 1h of Crossfit!!