I´m very pleased using Halfbike3 as a city conmuter. It´s fast in the street and you can handle easily in the elevator to get to your flat. The new pin-conector works brilliant(thank´s for the improvement). Halfbike 4 could have a parking-brake .If ground is not even ,it´s gone by it´s own. And you guys should think about a shopping-cart .I personally would like to go biking to the next supermarket ,with few changes convert (Shoppinghalfbike 1) into a shopping-cart and viceversa . Amount of storage room just like the tipical shopping trolley .I´m already thinking about this proyect ,but you are great in design and manufacturing. What do you think about this idea ? Could we develope something for the future.I´m busy in my job(dental tecnichian),not interested in marketing . Will go next month for some studys to a company introducing the participants in applying epoxi-resins and the different carbon-mesh tecnics. Whould like to learn how to design and produce a low-racer-prototyp for myself , similar to polish "Velokraft" manufacturer (NoCom-bikes ,they are like spaceships on earth).I´musing now a M5 CHR for distances .My wife is using the danish Me-Mover for smaller tripps , Halfbike is too hanky-panky for her. Halfbike3- Me Mover-speed /side by side. Have a nice day and a wonderful summer halfbiking and futuring in Slo-mo. Regrets Andres