(ambassador) 5 years ago
Dear Halfbike users or potential users: Riding a Halfbike would be the best thing you would do on your day; not only because everyone in town would look at you but also because of the fun that it takes on learning this new sport. Once you jump up on a Halfbike the first hought is: "I won´t be able to ride this in my life". Why? because it´s something you have never done. It´s not like surfing if you have done snowboarding, not like wakeboarding if you have done skate or waterskiing if you have done snow ski before. This is something your body has to experience for the first time and it´s actually amazing how fast you get used to this new movements. Me myself have had a blast of fun specially sharing this with friends. First time I showed everyone the Halfbike we were at a barbeque and I showed up riding fast and making turns with it. Everyone was stoked; they hadn´t seen that thing on their lifes and everyone wanted to try. It´s fun to see how people try to get used to the Halfbike and how some get used to the movements very fast. Next step for me: start jumping and doing tricks because I´m already too used to be faster than cars in town (hahaha). If you´re thinking on a Halfbike go and try it. I´m sure you would like it! www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HO4Q4J8gnM
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