Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble my Halfbike?
You should see this tutorial.
Are the tires standard?
Yes, both the front (20") and rear tires (8") are standard. They can be easily found in most bike or skate shops.
How do I get spare parts?
Maintaining a Halfbike is quite easy actually. It is quite simple mechanically so it requires very little care. On top of that we only use finest quality components and most of them are standard. So in the unlikely event that you need a replacement they’re widely available. That includes the tires as well and most bike or skate shops would have them. In case you need a spare part we can mail it as well.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do :) All orders are shipped via DHL
What comes in the box?
A Halfbike along with instruction manual and everything you'll need to assemble it, including tools.
Does the Halfbike ship fully assembled?
No, it’s not fully assembled. In order to save some space the rear truck and the handlebar come detached from the rest of the Halfbike. Everything you need to get it up and running comes in the box though including manual and tools. It should take you no more than ten to fifteen minutes and doesn't require any special skills. This is a link to our assembly tutorial.
Does the Halfbike have brakes?
Yes, the brakes are integrated into the truck and operate the rear wheels. Because the Halfbike has a relatively short wheelbase and high center of gravity it has brakes only at the rear. They’re effective to control your speed. However the brakes won’t be able to stop you suddenly like on a bicycle for example.
How long is the warranty? What does it cover?
We offer a standard one year manufacturer warranty. Signs of wear from normal use are not covered, however if there’s a defect in material or craftsmanship on your Halfbike we’ll do our best to assist and help solve it in a timely manner. We’ll be happy to send a spare part if needed or even a replacement Halfbike depending on the the case.
How fast can a Halfbike go?
A typical cruising speed on flat ground is around 20kph / 13mph However it can go faster if the rider pedals harder :) Consider riding a Halfbike as being a little slower than riding a regular bicycle.
What's your return policy?
If you’re not completely satisfied with your Halfbike you can return it. Just notify us within two weeks from the date you received it and we'll assist you with the return. The Halfbike should be in good condition and well packed into its original box. We’ll also ask you to cover the shipping expenses both ways.
How does the Halfbike perform up hill?
The Halfbike is best suited to flat ground. However it can manage going up hills as well especially if the rider is fit. We can tell from experience that the three-speed model is fine for inclines up to 7-8% but anything over that will be a struggle.
Does the Halfbike have gears?
Yes, it has a hub with three internal gears by Sturmey Archer. There's also a small shifter mounted on the handlebar to switch between gears.
How much does a Halfbike plus shipping cost?
The price of shipping varies depending on your location. Check the price in our shop here.
What is the height / weight range the Halfbike is best suited to?
We can put the comfort range in between 150 and 195 cm (4'11" to 6' 5") and the maximum rider weighing is 95 kg / 210 lbs. The Halfbikes are currently available in 3 sizes: S, M and L.
Is the Halfbike foldable?
Yes, it can be folded down in a matter of seconds. The handlebar collapses backwards which makes it quite compact. Once folded it can be taken easily onboard public transport or put in the trunk of even a small car.
What are the advantages of a Halfbikes over a bicycle?
The two are so different that they're actually hard to compare. The feeling of riding a Halfbike is really nothing like riding a bicycle. But if we must pick a few we would probably go for the fun of riding and its lightness and compactness.
Do I need some specials skills to ride a Halfbike?
Riding a Halfbike is unlike anything you've tried so far. In that sense knowing how to ride a bicycle for example would be of little help. Nevertheless if you've been practicing any sport, have a good sense of balance or you're just fit and athletic, chances are you'll find it a lot easier.
How easy is it to ride a Halfbike?
Learning to ride a Halfbike from scratch takes time and practice so don’t expect to just pop on and cruise away. Imagine learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. The Halfbike is best suited to fit and active people with good sense of balance. So if you fit that description chances are that you’ll fully enjoy the experience. Most people are able to get the basics and ride in a straight line in under 10-15 minutes. From then on riding will gradually start to feel less of a struggle and more fun. Having a little patience and determination will surely help. Have in mind that it’s more challenging than it may seem from the videos. However it only takes a few days of practice for most people to be able to ride with such an ease.
Where can I try a Halfbike?
If you're curious about the Halfbike and wish to challenge yourself, don't be shy and sign in to our forum. On the Ambassador map there you'll see all Halfbike volunteers pinned. Feel free to contact the one located nearby and arrange a test ride with him/her. If there is no one around you, don't hesitate to subscribe at the bottom of our website's pages and we'll make sure you won’t miss the next big ride.
What's the recommended tire pressure?
Keeping your tires well inflated will make for an easier and smooth ride. We recommend that the front tire is kept at 5 bar / 70psi and the rear ones at 3.5 bar / 50psi
How do I lock my Halfbike?
Easily, there are several closed loops in the frame and handlebar, where you can use an ordinary cable-lock for bicycles and lock it to a fixed object.
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