(ambassador) 5 years ago
My halfbike arrived from the other side of the world within 5 days. It was very easily assembled. I a cyclist and do a lot of road miles on a solo bike and also a tandem and abit of mountain biking aswell. My apartment carpark was a great place to relearn how to ride a bike. the half bike is a new ball,game but easily mastered. Took me maybe 20 minutes to get the basic is and be confident enough to head out of the car park. First and foremost a half bike is fun and it's a great urban cruiser. That's what I got it for, so I can go to local cafes etc without having to put cleats and cycling shoes on to ride ,my other bikes, so convent to go to the beach, park or cafe wearing street shoes and clothes. Everyone notices the halfbike and comments. I've let loads of people have a go on it, everyone loves it. I think it's easiest to get a beginner used to the steering motion, by putting one foot on the frame between the pedals and scooting it like a scooter for a minute or so just to get the hang of how it feels and turns. I've since fitted a universal MTB mud guard so I don't get a wet crutch riding through puddles. I've also done a couple of 12km rides on it. Although I had read they're not recommended for over 5km. If you are fit and used to cycling it's not hard to do 10km on it. You feel it more in your calves and front of your quads than a normal bike. Love by halfbike a great invention and it's my 4th bike in my garage but the most used now.
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