1 year ago
I see the max weight for a rider is 225. Is there going to be a bigger half bike for bigger people? My current weight is 255.
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Hi Michael, We just cannot guarantee that you won't experience any troubles for anything beyond 225lbs. The height and weight limits were set because we realized that taller and/or heavier people often find it hard to keep their balance on a Halfbike and cannot enjoy it to the fullest. And to us, the best part is the experience, having fun while learning something new. In this regard, please have in mind though that learning to ride a Halfbike is a bit challenging at first and although people find the learning curve to be rewarding after a few riding sessions, it is rather steep at the beginning. However, it usually takes about 20-25 minutes for the rider to get a better idea of the experience, adjust to it and start riding in a straight line. From then on, as with most new activities, the key is practice. Here are a few links that should shed more light on what you might be getting yourself into :)) Jimmy's YouTube Channel >> Jimmy is one of our US ambassadors, a devoted rider, and a wonderful teacher. You will see bits of the learning curve in action and gather a few helpful tips in advance. www.youtube.com/channel/UCBFS-EzzPeNFlyXHrePTG0A/videos You could also check the Stories section of our forum; it collects genuine independent feedback from the Halfbike community that might come in handy. halfbikes.com/stories We do have plans for a heavy-duty version in the future, but it's pretty far away in production.
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