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Whishlist - tell us what you miss or how you'd like to improve the Halfbike.
I am with Joel H. for improvements to the website. The forum layout looks nice at 1st sight, but isnt really practical. As far as improvements to the halfbike i think a steering bar that would be 2cm bigger on each side would be more ideal. The basics grips arent super comfy and the ergon grips need 13cm free space on each side. A more sturdy frame would be welcome too. I have already broken my frame once when jumping off a sidewalk and ever since that happend i am more carefull. Also with a bigger steering bar i am guessing more force is being applied to the frame, so with that in mind more firmness would be welcomed. More gears are also welcome for me.Currently i ride mostly in the heaviest one even uphill! I dont really like biking with a backpack, but since there is no way of mounting saddlebags onto the bike sometimes i must wear a backback. I would be awesome if some sort of luggage carrier could be made that would sit ontop of the rear wheels. That way everything would just function fine i bet. Possible an option for this carrier to be easily dismounted when you dont need it. Another problem i have are with the fenders, like others said they come off very easy. Also the screws on the plywood frame part seem to come loose a lot and i have to constantly tighten those. Something to think about as well is to make different version for different types of riders, i mean some people like to make long rides on the halfbike and others just want to do tricks or go offroad on mountainbike tracks and downhill tracks (me included). Or just offer different specs when selecting your bike in the shop, that you select different pedals based upon your riding style etc. That you can just build your bike up selecting different features based upon how you would like to use the bike. Better visibility for in the dark is another wishlist item. Some one mentioned a drinkbottle holder, thats sounds good to me.
5 days ago
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