Intuitive Control

All people who have tried both models say that Halfbike 3 is a little easier to handle and riding it feels more intuitive. There are subtle changes to the Halfbike’s geometry and proportions, that add up, making it that bit more maneuverable, ergonomic and user friendly.


The image below makes a size comparison between Halfbike 2 (in blue) and Halfbike 3 (in red). The front tire on Halfbike 3 is 18" compared to 20"on the Halfbike 2. As a result, the Halfbike got more compact and it is now even easier to take it anywhere with you.


More gears plus increased gear range. Halfbike 3 is now better suited to anything a city could throw at it. You can ride comfortably on an even more diverse terrain. A new state-of-the-art hub by Sturmey Archer makes all this possible. It has 4 gears (compared to 3 on Halfbike 2) and larger gear range (210%). The gear ratio on 1st gear is similar on both Halfbike 2 and 3. So, the extra gear range goes towards the upper spectrum, making it better at maintaining higher speed for longer rides on flat ground with less effort. Last but not least, the new hub is more silent and lacks the distinct clicking noise that Halfbike 2 had.


Halfbike 2 has a modified U that locks the rear wheels. Halfbike 3 has a drum brake integrated into the front hub. It stops really efficiently now and the brake is working perfectly even for emergency stops. The new brakes are pretty much maintenance free and the performance will stay consistent with time and in all weather conditions.


We added a quick release system for even easier folding. Folding uses the same principle as on Halfbike 2, but you can now do it faster and effortlessly.


The handle on Halfbike 2 is made of impregnated plywood while Halfbike 3 has an all aluminum handle. In addition the handlebar on Halfbike 3 is wider - there is more space for your hands on it, compared to Halfbike 2
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