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Dave is an English adventurer, writer, filmmaker, motivational speaker, author of books and founder of sayyesmore. He is best known for his Expedition1000 project, where he undertakes 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non-motorised transport. Watch his review of the Halfbike In 2012 he founded SayYesMore, a life-fulfilling movement that helps nudge people towards finding out what they're truly capable of. In 2015 Dave invited his Facebook followers to come camping, and the 19 people who turned up became the founding group of the YesTribe, an outdoors-loving community of doers which is growing globally. In 2018 Dave was selected as a Facebook Community Leadership Fellows in the inaugural Facebook Community Leadership Program. Dave travels, speaks, writes, presents and films for a living. His ever-evolving keynote speech is a motivating and inspirational kick up the backside for anyone who ever wondered whether they were capable of doing more. He has a passion for the endless serendipitous moments and meetings that occur on slow-moving journeys, and a love for discovering weird, natural and unique places to sleep and work. When not travelling, he lives on a boat in London with his wife, Emma. Check Dave's channel and all his adventures Here
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