I’m totally in love with my halfbike. I was nervous about getting it, because, though I have a dance/Pilates background, I’m 70 years old and wasn’t sure if it would be age appropriate. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out. As well as several other modalities, I’ve trained in the Franklin Method, which is all about functional movement. We bipeds are the most efficient walkers and are designed (have evolved) to carry our structure vertically with head, pelvis, feet alined. With the Halfbike, one moves in that way; the way the body is designed to move. Before getting my Halfbike, I’d had to stop running because my knees where causing me problems. I started bike riding instead, but unfortunately, it was exacerbating some lower back pain I was having. I started questioning my sitting placement on the bike. With my upper body pitched and waited forward, I was experiencing numbness in my arms. I also questioned my pelvis being locked onto the bike’s seat (and the discomfort that caused). Our pelvis is our structural centre, it has to (or should) articulate internally in order to manage and distribute all the forces that converge from above and below, as we move. This internal movement “pelvic rhythm” facilitates efficient, balanced movement and force absorption. I figured, because the Halfbike is sorta like walking on steroids, and walking is what we bipeds have evolved to do best, that it might manage and distribute the forces between my lower and upper body efficiently enough to allow me to challenge/push my body, without injury. I figured right! I’ve been riding my Halfbike, full tilt boogie, for three months now; it has helped reduce the inflammation in my knees and has resolved my lower back pain. And it’s a hell of a workout! Core, cardio, cognition, coordination, and fun! I must add: I am extremely lucky to live in a place with very little vehicular traffic. This has allowed me the time and space to conquer the considerable learning curve required in acquiring the necessary skills for controlling my Halfbike safely. Having a low traffic place to learn, has been very important. Everyone at Halfbike headquarters have been extremely helpful throughout the ordering process. They have really been delightful and responsive communicators. Thank you Halfbike team! Doug Hamburgh Toronto, Canada
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