Halfbike What is a Halfbike?
What is a Halfbike?
Halfbike is a full-body workout device based on the natural standing position of the body. Riding it is intuitive, and its lean-to-steer turning system makes it easy to control. It is a blend of cycling, running, and skiing combined into a single experience. For everyone who loves being out and being active, Halfbike is a unique way to exercise that covers the whole spectrum — it improves your overall fitness level, balance and coordination, cardiovascular health, aerobic capacity, endurance, and mindfulness. And the best of all — it is a workout that’s fun!
Halfbike Upright body position
Upright body position
The Halfbike is designed around the body's natural standing position, which makes riding it a distinct and unparalleled experience. This posture allows for intuitive balance and control of the bike. In addition, the upright riding form promotes deeper and easier breathing, enhancing overall circulation, improving VO2 max and enabling greater mindfulness and alertness.
Halfbike Full Body Workout
Full Body Workout
Riding a Halfbike is a full-body workout that trains all major muscle groups in a very natural manner. The lower body, core and upper body are engaged at all times, and the lean-to-steer turning system trains your core muscles — abdominal muscles, obliques, hip flexors, and back muscles. This leads to harmonious development and strengthening of the whole body with a profound effect not only on a muscular level but also on the skeleton system and tendons.
Halfbike Unique balance training
Unique balance training
At its core, riding a Halfbike is a unique and innovative way to train balance and reflexes. It requires continuous balance and focus that, in its turn, stimulates the nervous system and improves both reaction time and reflexes. Riding Halfbike reduces stress and improves overall brain function, leading to greater mental clarity and effectiveness. Furthermore, studies have shown a direct correlation between good balance and longevity.
Halfbike Cardio beyond comparison
Cardio beyond comparison
It’s like taking an elliptical outdoors. Halfbike uses most major muscle groups in your body, including your heart. You can experience increased circulation, decreased blood pressure, and overall improvement in heart health after riding it for just 20 minutes a day. The unique combination of low-impact training with a natural body position makes Halfbike great for both cardio and aerobic exercises.
Halfbike Low Impact Training
Low Impact Training
Riding a Halfbike is a unique exercise that blends elements from cycling, running and skiing and engages the whole body. Numerous professional athletes and runners have incorporated Halfbike into their training routine, citing its ability to provide low-impact running conditions and reduce the risk of injury at the same time. It’s like running on air, according to some runners. Ideal for every day “easy on the joints” training and great for rehabilitation from stress or injury.
Halfbike Compact and foldable
Compact and foldable
Halfbike is light, small, and can accompany you anywhere. The quick-release system makes Halfbike easy to fold and the travel effortless. Take it on board public transit, put it in the trunk of even the smallest car, or fit it into places too tight for a regular bike — it's as easy as it looks.
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