(halfbiker) 2 years ago
As someone who didn't ride bikes growing up, the Halfbike intrigued me for a few reasons. I had skateboarded and tried out longboarding when it became more popular, but I did not like the kind of braking you had to do on even minor descents to keep your speed under control. I then tried one of the more transportation-minded scooters with a built-in brake but I really didn't enjoy scootering. So it was back to the spin bike. The Halfbike looked in some ways more challenging based on my non-cycling background, and yet ultimately much more rewarding. The evolution of the Halfbike 3 with the improved braking system sealed the deal and I snapped one up as soon as I could afford it. It did turn out to be a challenge - somewhat self-inflicted as I only realized the tires were flat several months into the learning curve. As a former skateboarder, it felt familiar to just bail whenever I screwed up a turn or hit the brakes too hard. And I could feel the progression as I had to bail less and less. In all, in about three months, and now with freshly topped off tires, I've gone from barely being able to complete a few pedal strokes to being able to ride continuously for 30 minutes or more (depending on those pesky inclines) and turn fairly smoothly. Now, it is all about building endurance and having fun. Ultimately, I've achieved my short-term goal of getting more exercise and getting outdoors more often, which is a very nice change from my spin bike. Cheers, Halfbike team, and I can't wait to see your product continue to get better and better. Also, I know there are some considerations about an indoor trainer, which would be amazing for halfbikers like me with cold and snowy winters.
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