Disconnect the brake and gear cables as shown here. Then unscrew and remove all four QRs. 200507 65905 frontwheel3 Gently open the frame wide and detach it from the handle, one side at a time. 200507 65831 frontwheel3 Remove the handle. 200507 65736 frontwheel3 Use a 15mm wrench to unscrew the nuts. 200507 65648 frontwheel3 200507 65623 frontwheel3 Remove the nuts and washers. 200507 65336 frontwheel3 Use a 4mm hex key and a 10mm wrench to unscrew the brake bolt. 200507 65225 frontwheel3 Remove the bolt and the washer. 200507 65211 frontwheel3 200507 65178 frontwheel3 200507 63922 frontwheel3 Rotate the elliptical washers, which are to be found on the inner side of the frame, as shown in the diagram below: 200507 63906 frontwheel3 Push the tire back once the washers are unlocked. 200507 63722 frontwheel3 This will loosen the chain and you will be able to remove it. 200507 63701 frontwheel3 200507 63681 frontwheel3 200507 63639 frontwheel3 200507 63625 frontwheel3 To detach the front wheel, place your hands as shown in the pictures. 200507 63606 frontwheel3 200507 63591 frontwheel3 Gently open the frame just enough to allow the axis of the wheel to come out. 200507 63579 frontwheel3 If you're about to change the whole wheel, remove the elliptical washers and memorize their L&R positions. 200507 63568 frontwheel3 200507 63552 frontwheel3

Mounting back the wheel

200507 62855 frontwheel3 Put the elliptical washers back, but be careful about their L&R positions. The thumbs should always be pointing inwards. 200507 62840 frontwheel3 Insert the wheel into the frame and adjust the washers so that the wheel lays in its rearmost position. 200507 63579 frontwheel3 Put the chain back on. 200507 62598 frontwheel3 200507 62574 frontwheel3 Use a slotted screwdriver to rotate the elliptical washer in both directions until there's enough tension in the chain. 200507 62537 frontwheel3 200507 63906 frontwheel3 The chain should be neither loose nor too tight. 200507 61918 frontwheel3 The tire should be in the center of the frame. Rotate the elliptical washer in both directions to move it left and right while maintaining proper chain tension. 200507 61720 frontwheel3 Rotate the wheel and make sure it spins freely. 200507 61703 frontwheel3 Put the brake bolt back on. 200507 61674 frontwheel3 Don't forget the washer between the brake arm and the frame. 200507 61485 frontwheel3 Insert the bolt and tighten the nut securely. 200507 61425 frontwheel3 Install the ribbed washers and tighten the nuts firmly. 200507 65648 frontwheel3 Place back the handle. 200507 61229 frontwheel3 200507 61215 frontwheel3 Tighten the four QRs well and then reconnect the brake and gear cables as shown here. 200507 61215 frontwheel3 Enjoy your ride!