(ambassador) 2 years ago
I was far away from home when the package arrived at home. I really had to wait a full week before having the chance to assemble it. Finally, I was able to do and ride it and boy - what a change. The build quality is incredible. Halfbike 2 was already great but with some weight and under high load hill upwards, the wood made some noise. Now the halfbike 3 is like a Tesla, so incredible silent that you really need the bell to tell everyone you are here. Once you've adapted to the new way of riding you come into the situation to use the break and how well is this working? BREAK! And that's it, incredible system and now you have to adapt your mind here to - instead of breaking ahead, you have to concentrate not to break that hard and have to use your feet to not roll over the handlebar. I was not expecting that the change between two and three could be that big and that the change is in one direction only - the right direction!
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Hi Stev, this kind of feedback is a great motivation for us, thank you!
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