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(halfbiker) 3 months ago
Halfbike riders, there is a group set up on Endomondo for all to join. Even if you don't use Endomondo, you can upload your ride from other apps to Endo so you will be counted. A few of us did this last year but it was lonely there, so I'm reaching out publicly to the community so all will know about this. It's not necessarily a challenge, unless you want to challenge yourself, in which case we'll all be watching and cheering you on. We will make new friends all over the world in this group, and it's also a place to reach out for help and advice. Please consider joining us and lets add our Halfbike rides to the fun we'll have in 2020!
(halfbiker) 3 months ago
I forgot to include the link...
(halfbiker) 3 months ago
Hey Tom, Thanks for the link :) We also have a Halfbike Strava club >
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