Hey Halfbike family, The time has come to announce the winners from the #halfcontest2018. Our team never expected to receive so many awesome, creative and original entries - you guys definitely caught us off-guard. As we always like to say winning is only half of it, having fun is the other half, which makes you all winners in our book. Nevertheless, we had to pick just a few, so after numerous heated debates, several boxing matches and a sword fight of cataclysmic proportions we had to come to a collective and mutual agreement. So without further ado the winners are: Donovan T. Amazed us with his awesome jump shot and will get to meet the team and join us on our next filming trip Nicolas P. With his marvelous contemplative scene wins a well-deserved special edition Halfbike made to his preference Hrisi V. Made an awesomely colourful video and will get to travel the world with her new travel bag 응암 Made us want to sit next to him on that green carpet and wins a new travel bag Kristian A. Who goes to school by way of fun has picked just the right spot for his Halfbike and wins a new travel bag Greg S. Got away with putting the Halfbike up high for all to see on a train and gets away with a 50%OFF gift card Miki F. Almost got caught in the net of that fishing statue, but made a quick escape to win a 50%OFF gift card also check one of his video submissions Serge S. With his eerily fascinating view snap wins a 50%OFF gift card Siriobska B. Showed us what it's like to battle without fenders in a rainy day and wins a 50%OFF gift card + a set of fenders Todor P. And his stunning familial autumn romance wins a 50%OFF gift card Saulius N. Wins a 50%OFF gift card for riding a Halfbike sure is fun! Racquel B. Caught just in the right moment next to those surreal statues wins a T-shirt Felix C. With his wonderful scenery near Hong Kong and the Pat Sin Leng mountain range wins a T-Shirt Baptiste M. Who won our hearts by sharing his love of the Halfbike with his father wins a T-Shirt, two actually Moithie Found the most colourful graffiti in Bordeaux and took the most vibrant photo wins a T-shirt Atif C. Who is hard at work in training the next generation of halfbikers wins a T-shirt Much love and big thanks to all who entered and brightened our day :) The Halfbike team
Wouuuu! Thank you so much and congrat to all friends!
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hey #TeamHalfBike, can't wait for the next Hafl contest #HalfContest2021? :)
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