What started as a toy to play around on, for three days, turned out to be a complete game-changer and has become an essential piece of tool in my Ultra-Running training. After learning the basic skills in a parking basement, it was taken on a longer ride, to learn to master it in the daily rush-hour traffic in Copenhagen. First day went surprising well, and the distance was increased to +50km over the next couple of days. The biggest surprise was that it gave the exact same feeling in my body afterwards as the same distance covered in running would give me, but without the pounding to my joints and feet. The way you stand while riding it, the movement of the legs/feet are similar to the motion used while running. That was a year ago (Summer ’16), today it is incorporated in the training program as second to the running itself, and it is the single best contributor to developing endurance for multi-days Ultra-Running races without risking an overload or injury. The trips now range between 70-90km HalfBike after my running session, some days the running is skipped completely and it easily ends up with +100km on the HalfBike. A keeper for sure.
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