2 years ago
Hello from Germany (Berlin), I love riding my Halfbike to get to work! I found the perfect parkingspot for my Halfbike. For me is riding the Halfbike the perfect sport for me! Why? It’s a fullbody workout! It’s like running, cycling and skiing at the same time. In the past I was a catcher in a Baseballteam and later I ran some Marathons. Running is not good for my knees anymore that’s why I bought a Halfbike. In July I had a stroke and riding the Halfbike helps me a lot to keep me healthy! I also go in a fitness studio with some friends. We love kettlebell and TRX workouts. One of my friends is going along with me riding my Halfbike! Now he loves it, too! :-) Keep on riding your Halfbike! Best regards Holger
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