(admin) 3 years ago
Maintaining a Halfbike is quite easy actually. It is quite simple mechanically so it requires very little care. On top of that we only use finest quality components and most of them are standard. So in the unlikely event that you need a replacement they’re widely available. That includes the tires as well and most bike or skate shops would have them. In case you need a spare part we can mail it as well.
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
I need to replace the left crank arm. Where can I find a suitable replacement?
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Elliot, Happy New Year :) Usually the crank might be a little bit harder to find, it's not a proprietary model, but you won't find it on a MTB either. You can get the crank from us, just send us a message on the contact form > halfbikes.com/contact
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