Halfbike 3 is best suited to flat ground. However, it can manage going up hills as well. We can tell from experience that the four-speed hub works fine for inclines up to 7-8%, but anything over that would be a struggle. When ordering a Halfbike 3, you're presented with a choice of three options for gear sprockets, depending on the terrain that you plan to ride regularly. If your daily commute will be on mostly flat terrain and you go with that option, you'll get the 14T setup. When you select a mix of flat ground and gentle slopes, we'll equip your Halfbike with the 15T sprocket. And if the area you'll ride in is mainly hilly, you'll ride with the help of the 17T sprocket; it will make your experience most enjoyable.
2 years ago
Hi, could you provide an estimate on average and top speed with 14T, 15T and 17T gear sprockets ?
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Hello I allow myself to answer you The difference in the sprockets allows you to have a faster recovery but not to reach a higher speed. Specifically, the speed limit is dictated by your skill and courage. The halfbike is not designed for racing or speed racing but rather to be able to maintain the same speed over time and for long distances ___________________________________________ Remember after purchasing to use discount code NETJC to get a discount on the final price. Ricordati dopo l'acquisto di usare il codice di sconto NETJC per avere un'agevolazione sul prezzo finale-
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Is it possible to change sprockets? Would we need a new chain?
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Yes, some riders experiment with different ones. A new chain is included in the sprocket set.
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