6 months ago
Hi, I'm a newbie to halfbike. May I know how to use the gears, please. In what situation should I use gear 1 as opposed to gear 4? Thanks Linda
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Hi Linda, Basically, you can use the first gear whenever there is an incline, so it's much easier to pedal. On flats, you can start from gear 2. As you're gaining speed, you can go up the gears, so it's easier to maintain that speed. Also, whenever you're loosing speed or going up an incline, you can start going down with the gears. You'll start to get a feel of the proper gear on a specific type of terrain when you get a bit more experience riding. As a note, try to change the gears when coasting, rather when pedaling, since this might throw you off balance.
6 months ago
Thank you for the information. :)
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