Hey guys. I frickin’ LOVE this crazy thing! I’ve not mastered her yet but I’m getting there - I’m getting better every single time I ride her. Sooooooooo many people stop me to talk about my Halfbike... This thing has changed my life! I just can’t stop smiling! By the way, now would be a really good time for you to ramp up your marketing in England. I’ve used an electric scooter for the past few years to commute to and from the railway station for work but, pretty much every train company in the uk has now forbidden them because of the fire risk because of the batteries - loads of people were using electric scooters and carrying them on the trains until this month. The HalfBike is the perfect solution for people like me. It’s the perfect crossover! I love each and every member of your team for creating this fantastic little thing. Much love, Aydan xxx