(ambassador) 2 years ago
I ride bikes almost every day, as a means to get to work , as leisure, sport,... . I love biking. That's why I was immediately interested in the halfbike. After a couple of days of consideration I took the leap and ordered the halfbike 2, hoping it was as fun as it looked like. A week later there my halfbike was! The same day I was riding it and after about half an hour I was slowly getting the hang of it. From day one I was hooked! I have been riding almost daily cince and I love it! I have but one regret, I whish I had ordered the halfbike 3 instead. I believe the front brake is a lot stronger and will help you to stop a lot easier, especially when driving it in traffic. My advice to potential buyers, go all out and order the halfbike 3,you will not be disappointed! 100% would buy again!
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