(halfbiker) 5 years ago
Arctic ride - Done! I've been riding my Halfbike since Sep 15th 2016 on every week day 6 km total of commuting. Mostly paved and some gravel surfaces in all kinds of weather conditions from sunshine to heavy rain and lately also in frozen conditions i.e. below zero temperatures - real winter. All in all - frozen surfaces with fresh snow are too difficult I'd say down right impossible to ride. See pictures! Initially it took me good three quarters of an hour to ride the first 5 meters. Online tutorials were a valuable help. So a few details/ideas for you boys to ponder on: Front wheel (high guality brand) is ok, but I've had 4 punctures on rear wheels so far. There might be a need for improvement. Maybe rougher type for snow and gravel? Handlebar grips could be more of a rounded end type (I have worn off the original ones over the winter) You have added fenders - great - I'll order them right away! What about a larger gear ratio - a 7 speed hub? So my first summer with Halfbike is coming - I'm so excited ;-)
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