(halfbiker) 5 years ago
Easily one of the weirdest riding experiences I have EVER had. Also, I must add, easily one of the funnest riding experiences I have ever had! The Halfbike is truly one-of-a-kind and I thoroughly enjoy riding it, although I am still terrible at turning... Beware, this experience is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! In fact it can be very frustrating, but I haven't found it to be dangerous, because your feet and legs are not bound to the bike. Just hop off when the going gets bad, then hop right back on! Some things to note: I don't particularly like riding this when there is moisture on the ground because of the water that is flung up onto your back (I understand that this will be completely fixed with the new and improved fenders, but to be honest I am going to mention everything I can). Also, the wrap-around light works really well for the front, but when using it for the rear it is pretty wonky to get just right and feel confident that it will both stay on the Halfbike and be visible... Overall, I'm soooo glad that I backed the Halfbike kickstarter! SO WORTH IT!!! Now back to practicing riding it again... ;)
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