(ambassador) 4 years ago
I bought this crazy machine with full intentions of riding from home in Manhattan downtown to the marina where I sail from in Battery Park City. The thought of cruising up to the boats on the Halfbike thrilled my sense of adventure and I'd be the talk of the sailing club. It quickly became clear that the 7 mile ride would be too much for my less than stellar thighs and I was kind of disappointed. However, I despise going inside to get a workout. The second reason I opened my wallet for this unknown vehicle to enter my life was that, at the very least, I could use it as an excuse to delay joining a gym. The cost is worth about 3 months of membership so if I used this a few times a week I could smugly walk past Equinox while mumbling something to the effect of, "You'll never get me..." And ... it's worked. I love riding this thing and it's motivated me to get out and exercise a lot more than expected. A lot. My initial rides of 15 minutes and a mile or 2 in the park have turned into hour long expeditions around NYC where I'm panting 90% of the time but can't stop having fun and turning down another street just to extend the ride time. Those not so stellar thighs have become stronger.
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