I’ve owned my Halfbike for several months now. What an incredible way to get in some cardio! My legs burn after each ride. The product is very well built and very sturdy. I am a little above the recommended weight limit and it still is solid and stable. It was very easy to assemble out of the box. It does indeed take some trial and error to learn to ride distances and even more to learn how to turn. But, i did get up on it & riding within 15 minutes. And getting going isn't the challenge really. Learning to stop is the challenge. That is where i fell off. The only negative thing I have is a warning if you live in California. My shipping was supposed to have been under a week. Mine was under 4! I had phone calls from customs to contend with. All because they don't like whatever chemical is in the tire sealant. So either don't get it from the factory or anticipate a ridiculous shipping time.