Hey there! I have wanted a halfbike since I first discovered them online. Since I had previous commitments I've had to wait. My halfbike arrived last week and I have been out on it everyday, even my partner has had a go. It's challenging, it uses muscles that you wouldn't normally use and when you're on it , the brain is asking what is your body trying to do !? However I love it , it'll keep me more fit and more active and l will be using it for travelling to work instead of my road bike (once I'm more confident ) It's a head turner , I'm stopped alot and asked about it, most people say it looks hard work - it is I say but you are also having fun at the same time. Kinda like running / cycling and a crosstrainer in one. Thank you very much, I wish I bought one sooner but I was in the middle of buying a house !! Best regards ! Karl :) Plymouth, England