I got out on my HB the other day, had it down in less than 5 minutes, went around the block 3 times ( a big block ) and was totally exhausted. For coming up on 64 this year, I did pretty well- loved every bit of it. I'm sure my neighbors are going to think I'm crazy when they see me out on it. I started on flat sidewalk, only jumped off 4 times- then decided to move to the street. The street has a slight incline, I hopped on and coasted downward as I got control of my balance- then started to pedal. By this time I had to turn right, a slight lean and it was done beautifully, many times in 3 laps. Next time, when the street is dry-rain recently, I'll go the other way around. I also must check to see what gear the HB is in. Between the workout and balancing, it was quite a workout, legs and stomach felt it for sure. Love it, have a great day ... ken ( from Laurel, MD-USA ) PS, I shall wear my shirt proudly