(ambassador) 4 years ago
my reasons for owning a HALFBIKE. the freedom to just get up and go , my half bike is either in the boot of my car or its coming away with me on get away breaks abroad , its light weight portable and always reday to be ridden, the other reason is the exercise side of my HALFBIKE unlike a conventional bike it take more to ride a HALFBIKE as you are stood up to ride it and it use's more of the body muscles to ride , main areas i feel after riding is forearms / arms / shoulders / body core / thighs and calf's cant imagine life now without my HALFBIKE
2 years ago
Hi Larry, I’m looking into the half bike for when I’m in Spain, looks like something that’ll work well in good weather. I’m based near IKEA Warrington, any chance of meeting up and having a go on your half bike? Cheers, Dean
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