Halfbike is a great exercise tool that keeps one’s mind and body in shape; it trains balance, reflexes, and endurance in a way that is gentle to the back and the joints. Learning to ride one, however, is a unique experience in itself. Some bits of the process you might find are similar to other sports, but it is essentially unlike anything you’ve tried before. So, free yourself of any expectations, and give your brain and body time to adapt to the new movements. Most people learn to ride in a straight line in about 15-20 minutes; from then on, riding starts to feel less like a struggle, and in a week or so is when the real fun begins. Mastering Halfbike won’t happen overnight, you see; that set of skills needs more time and practice. The ever-present feeling of accomplishment, though, is the one-of-a-kind motivator that will get you there. Over the past few years, after many test rides and observations, we've learned that when it comes to Halfbike, there is no shortcut from beginner to pro. It took us a while, but we found the pattern that most people follow while learning; the graphic below illustrates the main phases riders usually go through. Enjoy!

OMG, my Halfbike arrived! Let’s go out and ride

WTF, it looked so easy...

I cannot do this.

This is crazy but it is not going to beat me!!!

Yeah, I can ride in a straight line!

Hold on, I'm actually riding it! I can do a controlled turn!

Wow, look at me! I have mastered it!

So is this it?

It works so much better if I get my mind to relax.

Practice makes me perfect! The more, the better!

I think that I’m becoming addicted to my Halfbike.

Offcially a Halfbike Pro now!

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