About 5 months ago I injured my shoulder and couldn't ride my road bike. I was so bummed not being able to enjoy the beautiful Colorado trails over the summer. When the half bike found me I was enthralled being a lover of scooters and bikes. The only sad aspect was the wait. Now that my 3 has arrived I am loving it and have already riden a long time the last two days. I am looking forward to enjoying this bike for years to come. Thank you for such an innovative machine that makes people happy.
(ambassador) 3 years ago
Hi Kevin, Look me up in Denver and we'll go riding on our Halfbikes. I have a meetup group (www.meetup.com/DenverHalfbikes/) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pg/DenverBikesHalf/posts/). I have a Meetup today (Oct 5) at Cheesman Park, so stop on by if you are free! My best, Dean Halfbike Ambassador
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