(ambassador) 2 years ago
I lead a very active lifestyle which includes running. I had been searching for a stand-up bike for some time now. My wife purchased the halfbike for me as a birthday present and I can't express how happy I am with it. I have owned this amazing little bike for about 20 days and it has brought me such joy! The learning curve provided on the halfbikes.com website has been quite accurate for me. But now I am riding this thing all over town! It is the most fun I have had on a bicycle in years and I am so grateful to it's makers for such a magnificent design. The quality is phenominal and the overall experience from sale to my first ride on this vehicle has been outstanding. There have been only two minor issues that I would like to have looked at on my bike. The brakes make and awful squawking sound when applied. Secondly, the washer between the left pedal and it's arm is slightly too large to fit properly. Overall I am very satisfied with my halfbike and have already referred a co-worker who just received his yesterday! Thanks for a job well done halfbike team!! Mark Clarke
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