(ambassador) 2 years ago
I have owned the Halfbike 2 since May 2020. Now after riding it for Only 4 months, I just had to have the Halfbike 3! I have only had the model 3 for a few weeks now, but I am astounded at the improvements made on this bike. I honestly wondered what they could have done better. By building the brake and the fourth gear into the hub and extending the high-grade aluminum into the handlebars was quite ingenious. The model 3 is far superior to the model 2. It makes tighter turns and handles more tightly overall. Somehow they managed to not make the bike feel smaller when you ride it, although the 18 inch wheel on the halfbike 3 is two inches smaller than the model 2. One of the first things I noticed when riding the newer bike is that all of the gears seem to provide more power on the model 3 than the previous model. Although I am in decent physical shape, the model 3 was a welcomed new challenge for me. Whereas I would run out of torque to push on faster on flat roads on Halfbike 2, I can now use the fourth gear and absolutely fly on this bike! I do think the folding hinges could’ve been a bit better as they need adjustment from time to time. But overall I must say this is a fantastically built bike. I would highly recommend getting one if you don’t mind a challenge.
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