(ambassador) 1 year ago
This bike is nothing short of amazing. It gives me a full body workout while I’m having such fun. I liked it so much that I purchased two more so that me, my wife, and my youngest son can all cruise around together. When we go on vacation we stick all three of them in the back of our SUV and still have plenty of room for the entire family. The build quality is outstanding. One of the things that sold me on the halfbike is it’s unique design. It requires you to learn something completely new. Most people cannot jump on a halfbike and ride it without some practice. You have to learn how to ride it. I like a challenge and the opportunity to learn new things. Also, the folks at the halfbike company are pretty amazing. They don’t rob you when it comes to spare parts. If you need a new tire, innertube or whatever, they sell them on their website at a low cost. I am totally sold on this product and have recommended it to co-workers, family and friends. It is an investment in my health and I would rather pay for something like this than a hospital visit.
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