Learning to ride and using the halfbike to get to work and back home has been a really fun and interesting exprience. In a way, I've had to relearn how to ride a bike. Though there was and is some things that I needed and need to upgrade, so that riding the Halfbike would feel more comfortable and stable for me. One of the first things that came up, was the handle bar or more specifically the handles. Because the handles are so close together and just normal tube shaped without stoppers on the ends. During longer riding sessions, I found it difficult to control and hold on to. Thus, I switched the original handles to "L" shaped ones. This gave me a better feeling of control and removed the risk of my hands slipping. Another option would have been gloves but these I would've most likely forgot somewhere now and then. Another obstacle, which I haven't yet decided on. Is that I'm wondering should I buy stronger springs for the bike. The main reason is that because here in Finland we don't really have evenly flat walkways to ride on and in many occasions, when I would ride over the road. There would be a small sudden drop with an angle towards another direction I wouldn't be going in. You wouldn't feel this with a two wheel bike but because the Halfbike has three and two of them on the back. It feels like the bike wants to throw me off. I've learned to control this but I'm wondering would stronger springs help with this matter a bit. I've read the forums on this idea and I know the downsides of it also. The last problem I'm having is the pedals or I still need to adjust to this type of cycling. After riding for awhile I notice a uncomfortable tension under my feet. This might just be that my feet aren't used to this type of cycling yet or It could be the bikes pedals are to narrow for me and these need some development for me. Overall I'll still give full marks for this bike because it is fun, interesting and friendly for small modification to suit the riders needs better. Everyone is different and this requires different solutions to suit everyones needs. As long as the base is there and working then it's positive uphill from there.
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hey Markku, We'd recommend sticking with the springs that are for your weight. If you pick harder springs, the Halfbike will become close to impossible to steer and make turns. Of course, springs do wear our and if you find them all too "playful" you might need to change them. You can see all our spare parts here > halfbikes.com/parts The pedal pain will definitely go away with more riding as you feet get used to those pressures.