(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Halfbyke is not as I supposed... Beeing without a seat, it is a sporting tools. Not for a happy city traveling but a Byke to sport and sweat as doing spinning in the gym. So get dressed for sport and shower after. I drive it in Milan and it is very dangerous to go on pendent road or when going on pedestrian sidewalk with little pendent. Especially when you pass on a hole in the street or manhole, that it is scaring. Passing beside cars is even dangerous because the half Byke is not stable... always need to be concentrated on the movements. I like when biking like zig-zagging as it is like skiing and it is boring when going straight. People on the street are fascinated by the design of this new tools, and friends often want to try and immediately they understand that it is not a Byke and it's difficult to stand on... Children are interested too but I do not advice to buy it for Youngers.
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